Nuohuas CVD PBN

    Zhejiang Nuohua Ceramic Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing of Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) via a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. The material has anisotropic properties due to its planar crystal structure. It exhibits high thermal conductivity along its crystal planes (a direction) and good thermal insulation through its crystal planes (cdirection). Known for its directional thermal conductivity and ability to provide optimal "heat spreading," our PBN demonstrates improved temperature uniformity. As a high-temperature ceramic, it exhibits a combination of high electrical resistance and thermal conductivity, as thus it is an excellent advanced material to consider for applications where superior strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and thermal shock resistance are required. Nonhazardous under normal conditions, nonporous and exceptionally pure, our PBN  can be deposited and then machined into shapes for use as crucibles, boats, plates, tubes and bottles. Resistant to thermal shock, it excels as a sealant and protects graphite from corrosive atmospheres including most molten metals, acids and hot ammonia environments. It also proves extremely effective as an electrical insulator.

    Key features of Nuohuas PBN

    l  Ultra-pure 99.995%

    l  High temperature stability (up to 18000C in vacuum and 25000C in N2)

    l  Spreading heat along its planes while acting as an electrical insulator

    l  Non-toxic and non-wetting

    l  Good flexural strength

    l  Chemically inert to most gases, e.g. acids, alkalis, organic solvents, molten metals and graphite

    l  Excellent thermal shock resistance

    l  Oxidation resistance

    l  Negligible out-gassing

    l  High dielectric strength

    l  Tensile strength increases with temperature



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